VIACASHDecentralized payment gateway platform based blockchain

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About Viacash

Viacash is Decentralized payment gateway platform based blockchain technology network for merchant,online shop, website to aims monetize and make easier for without any bank account needed and privacy with accept multi cryprocurrency. User can install/used plugin viacash on website for monetize conten,stuff,anything to costumer/user or as donated plugin with integrated to multi wallet. This available for merchant,retail,website,blog on future.

Viacash will developed payment system gateway based blockchain technology for merchant,online shop, website with secure and fast without bank or middleman for buy and sale any item in online. Viacash comes with integration with merchants ,online store to accept payment using Viacash and other cryptocurrency

SecureTranscation based blockchain

FastTransaction in minutes with one confirmation

Go GlobalViacash can help you connect more customers around the world.

InstantPayments directly to your wallet, withdraw to BTC/Fiat

EasyEasy to set up and accept multi-currency

TransparentReal-time Payments, No hidden Fee

Funcition and Benefit

Viacash is utility token will used for digital transcation, digital token of cryptocurrency that is issued in order to fund development of the cryptocurrency and that can be later used to purchase a good or service offered by the issuer of the cryptocurrency (

Function of Viacash is

  • Used for sell item/service
  • Payment gateway system for retail/shop
  • Exchange with BTC/FIAT


Benefit for holder

  • Get more offers from (Discount and reward)
  • Purchase item/service with viacash payment
  • Exchange with BTC/FIAT
  • Pay transcation online 
  • User/holder can get more discount if used pay with viacash token.
  • User/holder wil get cash back from payment

Tokensale Stages

Private Sale
Febuary 05, 2019

1 ETH = 14 millon Viacash

50 % bonus for 1-3 ETH

65% bonus for 4-7 ETH

80% bonus for 8-10 ETH

Selfdrop Sale 1
Febuary 03, 2019

1 ETH = 10 millon Viacash

40% bonus for all purchase

Started from 0,01 and max 1 ETH

Selfdrop Sale 2
Started 22 April 2019

1 ETH = 10 million Viacash

25% bonus all purchase

Started from 0,01 max 1 ETH

Selfdrop Sale 3
Started June 2019

1 ETH = 10 million Viacash

5% bonus all purchase

Started from 0,01 max 1 ETH

Note : Before buy Viacash Token, Please read : TOKEN PURCHASE AGREEMENT

Token Structure

Name  ViacashToken
Symbol  Viacash
Decimal  18
Supply:  12,000,000,000 Viacash
Expoler:  0xdd5c87aba6df58e1474ea1ffb64c36f3f7175a2f
Adjustable emission: All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf tokens will not be possible
Secured ways to purchase tokens: Ethereum (ETH)
Softcap/Hardcap: 200 / 600 ETH

Token distributed

Distributed to token sale
Marketing and advertising
Founders and Team
Reward and ecosysteam
«Bounty/Airdrop» campaign

Detail allocation

  • 65% Viacah token ( 7,8 billon will issued for token sale
  • 15% Viacash token (1,8 billon token will issued for reserve found)
  • 10% Viacash token (1,2 billon token will isseed for founder (6%) and team (4%)
  • 6% Viacash token (720 millon for reward systeam and ecosytem)
  • 4% Viacash toeken ( 480 millon will used for airdrop and bounty to community)

Fund Allocation

  • 30% Product Development

    Build Product development for payment gateway

  • 40% Marketing, sales, partnerships and Excahnge

    Pay some servis providers for advertisment,Marketing and pay fee for exchange

  • 10% Operations

    Operational costs staff and Project support

  • 5% Event

    Payment for sending airdrop, Reward holder, payment reward etc.

  • 15% Buy Back

    Buy back program viacash from exchange


September 2018
Development of the project Viacash
January 2019
Token sale started
Q3 2019
List Viacash to Exchange and Development the system payment gateway Viacash
Q1 2020
Release full payment gateway global.
December 2018
Starting website,smart contract consep
Q2 2019
Token sale ended.
Q4 2019
More Exchange for Viacash and Beta Test the system payment gateway Viacash foe website and merchant